Bernhard Wagner & Dr.Jan Bruun

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Bernhard Wagner

Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin

Psychosomatische Grundversorgung,

Höhenmedizin, Jagdmedizin


Dr. Jan Bruun

Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin


Psychosomatische Grundversorgung,                      Akupunktur


Wir bieten in unserer Praxis alle Leistungen einer hausärztlichen Praxis an, wie z.B.:

  • Gesundheitsvorsorgeuntersuchung (Check Up 35) alle 3 Jahre mit Bestimmung des Blutzuckers (nüchtern), Cholesterin, LDL und HDL

  • Hautkrebsscreening alle 2 Jahre ab dem 35. Lebensjahr

  • Sämtliche Impfungen nach Empfehlungen der STIKO

  • Krebsvorsorgeuntersuchung beim Mann jährlich ab dem 45. Lebensjahr

  • Kinder- und Jugenduntersuchungen

  • Jugendarbeitsschutzuntersuchung

  • Teilnahme an den DMP für Diabetes mellitus II, Koronare Herzerkrankung, COPD, Asthma bronchiale

  • Früherkennung von Bauchaortenaneurysmen für Männer ab 65 Jahren: Einmalige Ultraschalluntersuchung zur Früherkennung eines Aneurysmas der Bauchschlagader.

  • Ultraschalluntersuchung von Abdomen und Schilddrüse

  • Psychosomatische Grundversorgung

  • Indizierte Hausbesuche

Weitere Leistungen

What experience do I need to take this course.

Beginners can take this course but we recommend at least a few months of experience and practice.

Does this program meet Yoga Alliance's international certification standards?

Yes it is Yoga Alliance certified and is internationally recognized. You will recieve a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate on the last day of the 12 week course.

What other costs are associated with the course? What is NOT included?

2 Books. Any supplies you need like a journal, notebooks, wirting instruments.

Is learning to teach yoga online part of the curriculum?

Yes, we have an entire workshop dedicated to teaching students technology for recording classes and teaching online as well as in person.

A big part of learning to teach yoga is adjustments and teaching live classes. How do practice teaching classes work during the online training?

We ask you to send us demonstration videos practicing and honing your skills in which we give you feedback on.

Are there virtual small group sessions or do I study alone?

We have weekly check in calls in which you can cover course questions and ask your teachers questions. We are available by email 24/7 and have within 24 hour response time.

Are the training sessions interactive or is more of a lecture style?

Partly teaching and lecture and very interactive.

What software or applications will I need to have in order to participate in the course?

A computer, laptop, ipad, or tablet. It is possible to take this course with a phone only.

Is the course pre-recorded or live?

It is live, however, all classes and workshops are recorded in case you miss a section.



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